Agriculture and Livelihoods

Practitioner's Resource Kit: Environmental Management in Humanitarian Operations




Sustainable Livelihoods Guidance Sheets. Section 7 – Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches in Practice 

Including: Drought and water security, and Watershed management




  1. Livestock-Keeping and Animal Husbandry in Refugee and Returnee Situations. A Practical Handbook for Improved Management
    Describes issues associated with keeping livestock in refugee-related situations, possible options which might help improve livestock management, and practical guidance on how to assess needs and opportunities for any given situation.
  2. Les animaux dans les situations d'accueil de réfugiés. Un manuel pratique pour une meilleure gestion des activités d'élevage
    French version

Livelihood Options in Refugee Situations. A Handbook for Promoting Sound Agricultural Practices

Options and approaches for crop production, opportunities for minimising environmental impact and guidelines for developing locally appropriate initiatives
Technical information on food production, guidelines for analysis and planning, notes on training and extension, and the legal and regulatory setting of agricultural activities




Permaculture in Refugee Situations: A Refugee Handbook for Sustainable Land Management 

What permaculture entails and how it can contribute to the sustainability of refugee camps and settlements