Forest Sector Assessment, Liberia

Strategic environmental assessment of the Liberia forest sector

Project dates: September 2007 - June 2008

8.2.3.LiberiaLiberia is slowly emerging from over a decade of debilitating civil conflict. With industry still largely undeveloped, there is considerable pressure on natural resources to kick-start the country's economic development.

Historically, the forestry sector – traditionally seen as commercial forest – has played an important economic role in Liberia. While this view still holds, recognition is growing that the economic and environmental values of the forest sector extend beyond purely forestry.

Post-conflict approaches to forest management, for example, have led to the inclusion of conservation and community aspects in forest management.

As a result, Liberian forest policy is now based on an integration of the "3Cs" – the commercial, conservation and community aspects of forest management.

IUCN, the Sustainable Development Institute in Liberia and ProAct Network undertook a World Bank funded Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Liberia forest sector with a view to supporting the growing appreciation of the diverse roles of forest ecosystems.

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