Brief Technical Guides

Humanitarian and relief workers are often overwhelmed during and immediately after an emergency. Decisions – many of which may be life-threatening or saving – need to be taken in a hurry, and may not always be based on sound judgement or advice.

People may not have the experience, or be able to access information quickly enough, to act in the safest and most appropriate manner. They will also likely not have time to read through detailed technical manuals to find the most appropriate solution.

ProAct Network is developing a series of short technical publications and accompanying training modules made available online to help advise workers in emergencies and similar situations.

These guides are written from the perspective of humanitarian response to transitional settlement and reconstruction, following a conflict or natural disaster.

In collaboration with the Shelter Centre and Disaster Waste Recovery, two initial titles have been prepared:

Brief Guide to Building Waste Management in Emergencies
Brief Guide to Safer Handling of Asbestos in Emergencies

Other titles are expected to follow.