Environmental Awareness for SAG

Strenghening Environmental Awareness and Management Capacity of the Sustainable Action Group in Sudan

Project dates: 15 March 2010 - Ongoing

ProAct Network is working with the Sustainable Action Group (SAG) to assess the environmental impact of their presence in North Darfur, and the current management capacity to address and mitigate against these impacts. Funded by Christian Aid, the project aims to raise awareness and build SAG's environmental capacity.

The overall goal of this initiative is to determine - through a series of participatory assessment methodologies - what the current and predicted environmental impacts of SAG operations are, or might be, with a view to improving SAG's capacity to respond to these. The main objectives of the project are to obtain a clear understanding of:

  • the current environmental impacts associated with SAG's activities in North Darfur;
  • the current capacity within SAG and its implementing partners to address these impacts; capacity building opportunities for SAG staff and partners;
  • provide technical support and capacity building to SAG over a period of six months;
  • provide recommendations for incorporation of environmental issues in future planning and budget cycles, and possible environment and livelihood related projects that could be developed for North Darfur between SAG, Christian Aid and ProAct Network.

Several different activities are envisaged in support of these objectives, including a self-assessment exercise, project site visits to conduct Rapid Environmental Assessments (REAs), an environmental impact and capacity assessment workshop based on participatory approaches and, following initial assessments, a series of on-site-training events.

Key information

Project dates:
15 March 2010 - Ongoing

- Community Environmental Action Plans in Arabic, English and French

- Environmental Standards and Indicators in English and French

- Fuel Efficiency in North Darfur in Arabic, English and French

- Sustainable Construction in North Darfur in Arabic, English and French

- Rainwater Harvesting in North Darfur in English and French

- Rapid Environmental Assessments in Arabic, English and French

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