Water and Sanitation

Practitioner's Resource Kit: Environmental Management in Humanitarian Operations


EcoSanRes Stockholm Environment Institute


The Main Features of Ecological Sanitation. Factsheet 02 

An Ecological Approach to Sanitation in Africa: A Compilation of Experiences.
Factsheet 12 (linked to pdf: ESR-factsheet-12 - ecological approach to sanitation in Africa - 2008.pdf)


Practical Action


Ecological Sanitation: A Concept. Technical Brief 


Stockholm Environment Institute

Ecological Sanitation – revised and enlarged edition

Experiences from different parts of the world
How to proceed when developing and implementing eco-san approaches




Water Manual for Refugee Situations

The technical characteristics and functioning of components, structures or equipment of a refugee water supply system




Towards Better Programming. A Water Handbook. Water, Environment and Sanitation Technical Guidelines Series – No 2 

Including the importance of community management of water resources, the need for cost-effective solutions, and the need to promote commitment and involvement in sectoral issues from the highest levels of government to the smallest communities


UNDP and Hesperian Foundation


Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment 

This booklet addresses the different sanitation and hygiene needs of women and men. It gives communities information about how significant sanitation improvements can be made by better use of indigenous skills and local resources.


Pacific Institute and ECSP


A Review of Decision-Making Support Tools in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector 

An analysis of 120 existing WASH references including books, manuals, and websites and an in-depth evaluation of 18 decision-making tools.
Very useful as a guide through the WASH publications