Our Policies

ProAct has issued a series of institutional policy papers that set out our position on key issues relevant to our work. Each is intended to provide succinct statements of our main concerns relating to that topic, detail the underlying principles we believe in and set out the main areas of our work.

ProAct's position papers aim to provide a common starting point for members and partners of the Network as we seek to draw in other expertise and build firm links with other like-minded partners.


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Human Displacement, Climate Change and Environmental Change

Environmental migration is not officially recognised. Cases of people being forced to move on account of climatic change are, however, being recorded while a growing number of areas are being identified as "vulnerable" and "at risk". ProAct believes that a multifaceted approach needs to be urgently developed to both accommodate and mitigate future flows and reduce the impacts of human displacement on the environment, as well as societies.

Humanitarian and environmental organisations will increasingly be affected by environment-related human displacement. ProAct encourages these two sectors to co-operate in order to find solutions that integrate livelihood resilience and sustainable resource management in policies, and support practical, tangible projects on the ground.

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Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

Climate change and disaster management communities have long operated in isolation from each other. ProAct believes that greater co-operation would increase overall effectiveness in reducing people's vulnerability to rising risks. This policy paper seeks to encourage synergies between these two areas. In addition ProAct encourages ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Environmental management is a critical and cost-efficient – yet underused – alternative approach which has multiple benefits for vulnerable communities.

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