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We work with a large network of experienced professionals.

Members and Associates

Noureldin Ahmed Abdalla

Dr Noureldin Ahmed Abdalla is Director of the Sudan Meteorological Authority and a leading figure in shaping the country's policies and practices relating to climate change and disaster risk reduction. Prior to this, he developed and managed a number of community-based adaptation projects in the Sudan and has had extensive interactions with government, UN and NGO circles on a wide range of climate and biodiversity related issues.




John Carstensen

John Carstensen has over 25 years of experience in the field of development assistance, climate change and sustainable development. With a background in international and environmental law John has developed and directed the implementation of several large-scale bilateral and multilateral development assistance programmes with a focus on poverty alleviation and the environment. He also has solid experience in capacity development, training and awareness raising as well as human resource management. John worked for over eight years with UNEP and has several years of experience working at high political levels, including being Personal Assistant to the Danish Energy and Environment Minister Svend Auken, and a negotiator at national and international levels. John received the International Ozone Award for an outstanding contribution to the protection of the ozone layer, September 1997, Montreal, Canada.


Jon Godson

Jon Godson has over 17 years experience providing environmental solutions for the private and public sectors including four years with the United Nations, assisting developing countries recover from conflicts and natural disasters. He is now concentrating on providing climate change solutions for civil society and the role of environmental management in reducing disaster risks. Jon has field environmental experience in over 20 countries and combines a love of sport and travel with a dislike for bureaucracy and missed opportunities.




Sam Hettiarachchi

Professor Sam S.L.Hettiarachchi has been with the University of Moratuwa since 1980 and is a specialist in coastal and port engineering, with a doctorate from Imperial College, London. Sam has undertaken extensive research on subjects such as breakwaters and coastal structures, coastal and environmental impact assessments and engineering interventions in coastal zone management. Sam has published more than 60 research papers and several monographs in relation to coastal and port engineering. Research awards include the National Merit Award (on two occasions) presented by the National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka. Following the Indian Ocean tsunami, Sam has served Sri Lanka as a member of the National Early Warning Committee and is a Member of the Technical Advisory Committee on Disaster Management. He currently serves as Chairman of the Working Group 3 on Risk Assessment of the ICG/IOTWS.


Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud is the Chairman of ProAct Network. He is Director of the Corporate Relations Department at WWF International and has been working with WWF Int for eighteen years. His current responsibilities include: planning, initiating and leading the WWF Network's engagement with the private sector and developing and tracking innovative business partnerships for sustainable development. Jean-Paul is also a founding director of One Planet Living (OPL), an innovative partnership initiative which aims to build a worldwide network of OPL communities to demonstrate how sustainable living can be easy, attractive and affordable. Prior to joining WWF Jean Paul spent 10 years as a forester, researcher and project manager working in a number of countries in South East Asia and West and Central Africa.




Charles Kelly

Charles Kelly has over 27 years of field experience in humanitarian assistance programmes and other emergencies in developing countries. Over this career Kelly has performed field and senior management tasks in over 18 disaster response operations. Recent work has included environmental impact assessment training; risk assessments, disaster planning and response capacity development, disaster risk reduction, dam emergency planning, assessing environmental impacts during disasters, disaster management capacity building in government institutions, and post-conflict relief and recovery programmes. Kelly has worked in over 60 countries and published over 45 articles on disaster management. An affiliate of the Benfield Hazard Research Centre, University College London, he is a member of the International Research Committee on Disasters, the Society of Risk Analysis and The International Emergency Management Society.


David Stone

David Stone is Director of ProAct Network. A zoologist by training, David has worked for over 20 years in the fields of biodiversity conservation and environmental management particularly in humanitarian and disaster relief operations, with emphasis on community engagement and development. David has worked with refugees and other people displaced by conflict or disasters in more than 40 countries. David is also an accomplished author and editor, and is an avid organic gardener!

DavidStone 2014



Chris Taylor

Based in Kenya, Chris Taylor has worked in the field of environmental management and conservation for over fifteen years, the last seven of which have been mainly working with the United Nations on refugee-related environmental issues. Much of this work has focused on formal and non-formal environmental education in refugee-related situations. Chris is ProAct's Regional Representative for East and the Horn of Africa. Much of his current work focuses on community-based natural resource management in refugee- and IDP- affected areas, on building technical capacity on environmental management within the region and on developing and supporting a network of like-minded partners and community strictures with ProAct. His dream is to establish an organic farming co-operative in Kenya.


Paul Venton

Paul Venton specialises in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. He begun his career with an international NGO and has since gained a diversity of experience with a wide array of relief and development organisations covering projects in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and North America. He has a PhD in disaster risk reduction with a focus on community-based disaster management. Paul's work primarily focuses on the linking of 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' approaches to DRR and climate adaptation, with an emphasis upon linking environmental management, sustainable livelihoods, and disaster / climate risk reduction. Paul and his family divide their time between living in London and Boston: they have something of a trans-Atlantic lifestyle. In fact Paul met his wife when they both sailed the same replica Mediaeval ship across the Atlantic.